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Silver or Gold?

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Over all what is the better investment? Silver or Gold? And if you have any good investment information on the subject please elaborate.

Thank you


8 Responses to “Silver or Gold?”
  1. Aron D says:

    I don’t know, I would prefer gold but whatever you want. There is no better choice. (Please gimme 10 points, I seriously need)

  2. Aims says:

    GOLD! Especially right now, its like $300 an ounce!

  3. pennylane says:

    Gold is a better investment then silver but platinum is a better investment then gold…Just my opinion I am no expert.

  4. CONJ says:

    I’d say right now, neither. As we are most likely in a recession, history tells us we will pull out, and as we pull out the dollar will become stronger, so less people will need to buy either to feel like their money is appreciating, so gold/silver demand will probably drop, as will the price. Now is the time to do some serious research in the market and find companies that held it together recently, and they’ll be good candidates for the next year as we hopefully come out of this recession.

  5. Cindy16 says:


  6. gosh137 says:

    Gold is good to hang off you ear or around your neck and look at. Every flea market I’m been to has many many tables full of gold jewelry for sale. There seems to be a lot of it around. Silver has many industrial uses. Last I read about it, there not enough being mined to meet the industrial demand.
    Money Magazine April 2008 issue, page 66 has a story “Why to Steer Clear of the New Gold Rush.

  7. brckr1 says:

    gold, but your in the high end supposedly, it went up to 1000.00/ ounce and has since dropped. when the US dollar drops, investors buy gold…it was said once to hedge against inflation to buy gold…as an ounce of gold would buy a well tailored 3 piece suit…that was in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s….gold holds it’s value is the point..1 dollar 90 yrs ago bought alot…that same dollar today buys very little……

  8. Louisa says:

    either. they both have good industrial uses. however, i would caution against buying now. the market is OVER INFLATED and whether you’re buying the stock or the actual metal…just know that ***you will get ripped off***. My best advice is to wait. Like residential real estate, the bubble will burst.

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