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Learn About Silver Coin Investing For Your Future

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Over and above being one of the most collectible and valuable of the precious metals, silver is a necessary component in many everyday electronics which will only serve to increase its value well into the future. Because the price of gold keeps rising, more typical investors are looking to silver to vary their investment portfolios. The technology sector continues to manufacture an incredible volume of computers and cell phones which require silver to function. A silver boom is bound to happen that is going to pay off big for the wise investors, those who start investing their money in silver now while it is still at a comparatively low price range.

In the past ten years, the metal has increased an astonishing 300%. Due to this investors have been paying more attention to this market. For the last 30 years or so, it’s a recognized fact that as the worth of the US dollar declines, the price of gold increases. In our economic climate it still makes good fiscal sense to invest in gold coins. Remember we all have read that gold is the investment of choice right now. And gold coins are always an outstanding asset. The last couple years gold has held steady at or about 7-8 hundred dollars an ounce but has fluctuated a lot between that number and over 1000 dollars.

If there is another predicament it should go up to 1400 while holding steady at or above 1100. This could push it up to 2000 dollars. There is no equivalent risk. Gold and silver in your custody is your ownership and reward. All bank deposits and paper or electronic transactions are nothing more than a promise to give by someone else. Moreover possessing precious metals is a good protection against inflation. For the most part there are three half dollar coins that merit investing in. Since these half dollars are made of 90% silver, these coins are more sought-after by silver investors than others. These are the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, the 1964 dated Kennedy half dollar and the Ben Franklin half dollar.

When silver and gold go up in price coins go up too. If silver or gold go down the coins continue to be valuable to collectors. If the world economy suffers again, all coins should escalate in value. There are those who are worried about a dooms day future – so there is only one medium of exchange that is acceptable–gold and silver. Because credit cards and paper money will be of no value. Remember that the smaller denominations – dimes, will be of more value than the larger – quarters. 1 oz silver will be used only for major purchases. Gold will buy almost anything, even the 1/10 oz coins. It seems like a great idea to have some silver coins and also some gold coins on hand in safe keeping.

D. L. Crane has gained an extension knowledge and love of coins. He is a long time member of the ANA – American Numismatic Association, PCGS – Professional Coin Grading Service, and NGC – Numismatic Guarantee Corp of America and PMG – Paper Money Guarantee. He is a member of or affiliated with: EBAY, PayPal, Commission Junction, EPN, Linkshare, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft AD Center, ASK Listings, AMP Keywords, GoDaddy IContact, ClickBank, Amazon, Goggle Affiliates, Goggle AdSense. Dennis has attended numerous Numismatic seminars, classes and publishes a Numismatic newsletter is considered by many to be an expert in the Numismatic field.

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