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Is it better to purchase silver “rounds”, or should I purchase actual silver minted coins?

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I’m 25 years old…I’ve decided to start buying and collecting silver as an investment…I don’t have tons of money to invest from the start…My objective, is to purchase roughly $50 to $100 a month of silver.

As an investment…Would I be better off buying silver “rounds”, or Should I buy Silver Eagles from the U.S. Mint??…

To me, it seems that I would be better off buying the silver rounds. I can get them for a little over the price of silver, compared to the Silver Eagle.

The Silver Eagles are a beautiful piece of art though! But it concerns me to be paying such a high price for only 1 oz of silver. Or do you think I would be better buying Silver Bars?

Can Somebody please give me some advice…as I said this is all somewhat new to me…any good advice will be much appreciated!

Thank You


2 Responses to “Is it better to purchase silver “rounds”, or should I purchase actual silver minted coins?”
  1. muncie birder says:

    For sure silver eagle are way over priced for what you actually get. They are very marketable though. You might have an easier time reselling them than silver rounds. My personal preference is silver collectible coins myself. You really can not seem to go wrong buying a 16 d dime and the value per coin is much greater so they do not take up so much room either. There is one drawback to such a strategy. You have to be able to negotiate and also be able to grade the coins in order to make it a profitable endeavor.

  2. m s says:

    i would go with a coin because you have the silver value and the coin value. i would order from Perth by clicking on the ad at because it takes the us mint five or more weeks and Perth two or less

    also Perth has nicer coins and better grade.




    · Coins are guaranteed for purity and content by a government.

    · Coins can be sold without an assay.

    Coins can appreciate in value due to the numismatic market as well as the precious metals market.

    The decision to invest in metals is up to you, but if you do decide to buy metals consider coins, especially uncirculated coins obtained right from the mint. The link found here takes you to the online store for the Perth Mint, the most prestigious mint in Australia, where many interesting gold and silver coins can be found. They ship fast and the shipping cost is low if several coins are ordered. The best way to handle shipping is to order several items and spread the cost, lowering the cost per item.

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