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Silver Bars Vs Silver Coins?

November 9, 2010 by  
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I am convinced silver is the investment for me. But, should I buy sliver bars or silver rounds or old silver currency/coins? All of the paranoid people think the government is going to take all of the gold and sliver again? Where are the best places to buy silver bars and or coins?



4 Responses to “Silver Bars Vs Silver Coins?”
  1. Computer Guy says:

    The advantage of silver coins is that people recognize them and trust them. Rounds are more suspicious, is it an unfinished coin or a slug from electrical box? Bars also involve some trust, and it’s harder to make change.

    Currency? I would not load up un silver certificates, I know it says the government will give you a silver dollar for it, but try trading it in at the post office or the Social Security office.

    The paranoid folks are only worried about gold, after the all the government did it before. The government has never taken away the citizen’s silver, besides removing it from coinage.

    There is probably a coin shop near you. Make sure they know you are interested in bullion coins rather than rare coins.


  2. muncie birder says:

    Pre-1965 silver coins have the advantage that they are readily recognized, come in small denominations, would be readily acceptable in trade should the paper money become more worthless, and are easy to buy and sell. Ebay is a very good place to purchase them. The disadvantage of silver is that any large amount is very heavy and it tends to disappear when ones back is turned. They are currently trading on Ebay for about 13x-14x times face. Bars can be purchased there also.

    The government would have a difficult time taking people’s silver and gold. They didn’t get much back in 1933.

  3. crim says:

    I add both a variety of bullion and coins from Low commissions no tax and you can either take delivery or have them held in the vault.

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