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I need investment advice?

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I have a couple extra thousand dollars that I’m looking to invest. I’ve heard that gold and silver is a good investment. Is it true? If it is how would one go about investing in gold and silver?
@kelby7670: Haha, nah i’m not planning to do any deals with Glenn Beck in the near future.


9 Responses to “I need investment advice?”
  1. quickblur says:

    Gold is probably not bad to have in the long run, but its super expensive right now. The other downside is it’s probably overvalued right now, so it will likely shrink in the upcoming years. You can buy gold coins and bullion from coin shops or places online.

    If I were you, I’d sink it into some ETF’s or mutual funds. India is looking hot right now, and is projected to grow faster than China in the next year. You could also look at cheap stocks that will likely gain in the future like Citibank.

  2. jack says:

    they have what’s called gold ETF and silver ETF in the stock market. check with your broker about dollar cost averaging into those. that way you never have to deal with coins or the actual metals. this is what the big investors do.

  3. RetiredDebtFree says:

    The best way is through ETFs like that with the symbol GLD. The more tv shows hyping gold and silver, the more risk of a fast decline.

    Commodities are very volatile, and the rate at which they fall can be astounding. The electronic trading and professionals put the individual investor at a disadvantage. Be sure to diversify and NEVER put more than 10% of your investment money into any one stock or asset.

  4. Ralph C says:

    I think gold and silver is a poor investment. Over the past two decades it has produced virtually no return. The gold companies spin the numbers but it’s not a good investment. If you do want to invest in gold I would open a brokerage account – try I think there is a $500 minimum. Then buy shares of symbol GLD. This is an exchange traded fund that actually owns gold, but trades like a stock. That way you can own gold and not have to spend the time and effort storing it, paying for shipping and so on.

  5. WhatistheROI says:

    Pass on it. Markets go up and markets go down. Gold is about to go down and anyone who advises you to invest in gold DOES NOT UNDERSTAND how markets work. Investing in gold back in 2001 or prior to Sept. 11th would’ve been smart…but if you think investing in gold is now then you probably haven’t pulled your money out of the stock market either.

  6. Yoli says:

    i don’t now if silver are gold is a good investment but am also looking at it so i made a blog about silver price

    please post your comment

  7. Paul says:

    invest in ACUR stock is a great place to invest because the stock it blow 52week average so in the short term it will increase really fast when it in the market earning short_term you will earn 10-20 time the amount that you put in because are now the stock is realllllly cheap.

  8. kelby7670 says:

    Glenn Beck will sell you $1000 worth of gold for $2000. If you watch Glenn Beck, you will think this is a good deal. Go for it.

  9. Dwayne says:

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