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I hear alot of people finally talking about Gold and Silver . . . but who actually owns Au and Ag investments?

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Tell me why you LIKE or DON’T like metals as an investment.


4 Responses to “I hear alot of people finally talking about Gold and Silver . . . but who actually owns Au and Ag investments?”
  1. maloquacious says:

    I don’t like precious metals as an investment because of the flakey selling behind them. Metals have no “inherent” value. Food does, water does. Metal doesn’t. They’re not liquid, they’re difficult to transport, and, like all commodities, assume that there will be some person willing to buy when you need to sell.

  2. what? says:

    metals make a crappy investment, in my view. in the long run, precious metals don’t beat inflation. plus, as more metal is mined, gold and silver suffer from their own inflation – and there it’s not even controlled by a central bank, so it’s free to run wild, if the incentives get high enough.

  3. ADUB says:

    I Love PMs. I own both silver and gold. What you need to remember is that all investments are cylical. This is a great time to buy physical PMs. I have been invested for a while now, and have enjoyed the security. Will I keep it forever…NO. I will sell it and move on to the next investment. I prefer physical, but you can own various investment products that benefit from the move in PMs such as ETFs and mining stocks. Check out or Both gold and silver are in a bull cycle…take advantage now!

  4. James D says:

    I couldn’t disagree with maloquac… or what? any more. The inherent value of gold and silver is in it’s thousands of industrial uses and their 5000 year history of being used as money. Silver is the most conductive and reflective material in the world. What do you think they use in every electronic device and solar panel made? Silver. A few ounces of gold are very portable and they would be accepted anywhere in the world as money. In the long run gold and silver hold their value as a store of wealth. What fiat paper currency has ever done that? But in times of high inflation like the 70’s they went up 25 to 35 times respectively for gold and silver. The central banks absolutely control the price of precious metals but to the downside. In a free market Gold and Silver would be several times higher than today. I agree with everything ADUB said. It is an investment and right now both Au and Ag are extremely undervalued compared to just about anything else in the world.

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