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Where are you investing in through these tough economic times?

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Do you feel like Gold is the only safe investment out there? Right now the US government has lowered the interest to around…oh I don’t know….ZERO!!!

I would think that commodities would go through the roof if the dollar continues to spiral downwards in 2009. Silver is also undervalued and should have a huge upside in comparison to Gold.

Anyways, where are you investing in during these tough economic times?


6 Responses to “Where are you investing in through these tough economic times?”
  1. Igor R says:

    Gas companies……….especially in europe, there secure, they’ve the EU’s backup

  2. Shoooooooooooooooo says:

    Gold & Shares in other markets

  3. rayt721 says:

    I am investing in my education and work experience. There’s no better way to improve your net worth than with commanding a higher income potential while still able to work. I am also investing in a tax free retirement fund with employer match for long-term investing. Whatever you invest is will only do you good when you are ready to sell and if there’s a buyer.

  4. jeff410 says:

    Bonds, especially treasuries. Anything but high yield.

  5. lonearnie says:

    investing in petrocanada stock,good dividend also.

  6. Zamil says:

    I prefer Oil and construction Shares. The economy will turn back in 2010 as predicted. Starting 2011 and so on, the market will be bullish. Olympic will be on 2012 which in turn push up the share market.

    If you have extra money, consider to buy-and-hold those shares til 2012.

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