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Thirty Billion Ounces Of Silver… Under The Great Wall

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Hundreds of miles south of Beijing…
Deep in the remote foothills beneath the Great Wall of China…
An American junior mining company has made an amazing discovery.
This silver strike stretches 186 miles.  It could contain, by
our estimates, 30.2 billion ounces of silver.

That’s enough to feed world demand for the next 32 years,
according to the World Silver Survey…
Enough to double current global stockpiles… 214 times.
And enough to make one tiny mining company $514 billion
richer…For now, the company trades around $7.  But that could
change, very quickly.
The value of this single, massive discovery could be enough
to push the company’s market cap 4,662% higher.
(You’ll see how in a moment.)

The time to act is right now.  But you’ll want to have
all the information.
For example: How did a junior miner from America discover
the world’s biggest silver deposit halfway around the world? 
How does it plan to extract this massive silver vein from
beneath the Great Wall of China?
And how exactly could some investors turn this opportunity
into huge gains, just days from now?
Here’s the whole story…

The Perfect Discovery at Just the Right Time
Not long ago, a small mining company realized a hard truth. 
The world was running out of silver.
What’s more, the traditional sources – like Nevada, Canada,
 Mexico and Peru -were drying up.
Indeed, Western miners had failed to meet surging world
demand for 11 straight years.

The silver stockpile had fallen from 10 billion ounces
in 1950 to just 140.4 million today.  That represented
a 98.5% nosedive.  (No wonder silver prices have doubled.) 
The company’s answer was simple.  It would exchange the
familiar fields of the West for the chance to explore
China’s vast, untapped reserves.
The Chinese Resources Ministry was desperate for silver
to feed China’s booming demand. So it agreed to let this
Western miner “into the tent.”
Within weeks, the company was on the ground.  Geologists
immediately began surveying the county’s central mountain
And that’s where they’re they’ve discovered into a massive
silver strike… running right beneath the Great Wall of China…

The Forgotten Treasure Below the Great Wall
About 440 miles south of Beijing, the flatlands turn
mountainous.  Here, crisscrossing the hilltops, you’ll
find the ancient ruins of the Great Chu Wall.
Warlords built the wall around 2,500 BCE.  They wanted
to defend their kingdom against invading tribes from
the north.
Today, only the ruins remain.  Tourists still flock to
the ancient landmark because of its beauty and historical
But the company (we’ll call it the “Silver Striker”)
came here for another reason.

This is where scientists first noticed a strange “anomaly”
on the aerial magnetic images of the area.  According to
the surveys, these foothills had to contain a truly massive
silver strike. One that ran for miles…
Geologists drilled core samples.  They tested thousands of
“ore chips” for silver content.
They ran chemical tests on the streambeds meandering through
the foothills.
And according to the initial data, the strike was indeed
huge. In fact, it qualified for “mother lode” status.

The discovery, they inferred, held at least
265 million ounces – worth $4.5 billion dollars.
That’s when the Striker filed  its first mining claim
with the Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources.
But they weren’t done exploring.  Not by a long shot.
The company’s miners still had not defined the extent of
the massive strike…
Going “All In” and Hitting the Jackpot
Why Silver Will Likely Be a MUCH Better Investment than
Gold for the Next 12 Months

Gold has been breaking to new highs for months.  But going
forward, smart investors will get a lot richer from the
silver boom.
As Jim Rogers says: “Despite gold’s potential,I think I
will  make more money in other commodities such as silver.”
And he’s probably right.  Here’s why…
1. Gold/Silver Ratio: Throughout history, the gold/silver
price ratio has been 1-to-16.  Today it’s 1-to-67!  Silver’s
due to catch up… If it snaps back to the historic average,
prices will spike…
2. Supply Shortfalls: Last year, global silver demand
hit 888 million ounces.  Mining production totaled
680 million, creating a 208-million-ounce shortfall…
3. Stockpiles “Gone”: Silver demand has outpaced production
by 156% annually for 19 straight years. Stockpiles have
tanked 57%, to just 140 million ounces… down to a
four-month supply!
4. Chinese Yearly Demand: China Daily reports that demand
has tripled to 2,600 tons…
4. Looming Inflation: Gold’s not the only monetary
“store of value.”  When inflation rises, silver demand
rises.  That’s why Beijing has taken to state-sponsored
Central Television, instructing all 1.3 billion citizens
to buy silver bullion as an investment… now!
To learn how the coming silver boom is about to make some
investors very rich, please read on…

So not long ago, the Striker decided to pour the bulk of
its exploration budget into the Great Wall strike –
(It’s plans to spend $8 million in the first half of 2010,
and another $8 million in the second half.)
Geologists continued to swarm the strike zone’s 50 square
kilometers of foothills.And they spared no expense.
They created seismic geo-maps.
They used computers to analyze chemicals in streambeds.
They used special cameras to gather data – at the atomic

Miners blasted 78,581 meters of trenches.  They drilled
280 test holes.
Meanwhile, outside firms were called in to verify all
the findings.
They included private companies like SRK Consultants
China and BK Exploration Associates.  But China’s bureau
scientists reviewed the data, too.
And they all agreed.  The Striker was underestimating
the discovery… by a long shot!

Super Vein Stretches at Least 186 Miles
Instead of stretching 3 miles, the “super vein” stretched
30 miles.
But it didn’t stop there.  Further surveys showed rich
veins of silver running for 87 miles… 124 miles… 131 miles
and beyond.
Resource estimates grew from 52 million ounces… to
70 million… 100 million 200 million… 265 million and more.
(The Striker has already secured the rights to the inferred
265 million ounces of “in ground silver!)

Finally, the company has reached the end of the strike. 
It stretches for 186 miles – almost the length of the Great
Chu Wall.More important, the strike contains an estimated
30.2 billion ounces of silver… worth $514 billion.
Investors who get in during the early stages of this
discovery could see good gains…
We’re talking about enough silver to increase the Striker’s
market cap 4,662%.Fact is, big discoveries almost always equal big gains…
especially in these markets… 

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