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Remembering 9/11 With The Wall Street Mint Silver Bar

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The Wall Street Mint Silver Bar were created in 2002, specifically to commemorate the events of 9/11. These gorgeous .999 fine silver bars feature the skyline of New York City, with the twin World Trade Center Towers, as it appeared before 9/11. Produced by the Wall Street Mint, these highly collectible, proof-like silver bars are no longer being made and are difficult to obtain. The Wall Street Mint Silver Bars are available in two sizes – 10 oz. and 100 oz.

Let’s look at the advantages to owning both sizes:

100-oz silver bars

Convenient way to invest a large amount of wealth in silver bullion form Uniform shape makes it simple to stack and store them in a safe deposit box 6.86 pound weight makes them easy to handle Highly liquid as this particular size is an accepted trading unit

Coincidentally – 100 ounce silver bars came about in the 1970’s when inflation was soaring. Silver, a well-known inflation hedge, was highly sought after by investors as it was illegal to own gold bullion before December 31, 1974.

Small refiners started producing .999 fine silver products in order to meet the surging demand. Demand was so great by the mid-1970’s that large refiners like Engelhard and Johnson-Matthey began to produce the 100-oz silver bars.

10-oz silver bars

The favorite size of most investors Smaller unit of value makes them easier to trade for other services and goods Flat, uniform shape makes for easy, neat storage You don’t need alot of money to invest

Because the Wall Street Mint Silver Bars are only available on the secondary market, they offer an investment opportunity with a great chance for future appreciation. Whether you invest in the 100 oz size or the 10 oz variety depends on your financial status and investment objectives.

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