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The Timeless Art of Collecting Silver Coins

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Silver coins, one of the oldest forms of currency, are still some of today’s most sought-after collector’s items. Coin enthusiasts all over the world are in search of these precious items for various reasons. Some simply find collecting rare date coins in silver a hobby or passion. Some consider it an activity that offers a rare prize. For more enterprising individuals, the collection of silver bullion coins is their protection against currency inflation, or their option for asset diversification.

Today, spurred by the popularity of the tradition of coin collecting, numismatists can find an explosion of resources to satisfy their enthusiasm in collecting coins of silver in any form. But nothing is ever going to change the fact that, for the truly coin-obsessed, rare date coins still remain the centerpiece of coin collecting. Silver as a currency dates back to the time of ancient Greece, with silver drachmas as the most popular trade coins in the early days. Coins cast in silver were heavily used in trading by the Persians, travelling to different parts of the world. Even the British used pennies made out of silver before 1797.

Rare silver date coins are still among the most coveted among coin collectors. Popular favorites, and some of the most sought after for the most discriminating collector of silver coins include the Denarius, a Roman currency that was first minted in 211 BC, and the Miliarense, a rare mint that dates back to the late Roman and Byzantine Empire. Even as generations progress, the insatiable appetite for coin collecting will always have silver coins as one of the highlights of searching for the latest and rarest finds.

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