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Silver Junk Coin as an investment?

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Is 90% silver junk coin a viable option to invest in PM in comparison to PM ETF and Bullion?


2 Responses to “Silver Junk Coin as an investment?”
  1. Luke says:

    If you want to get the easiest silver possible, buy the etf, so you can buy at spot with no shipping costs. both bullion and junk silver can be help personally at your house, so if you like the security of that or believe in a doomsday scenario I would buy physical silver. bullion is the most expensive way to buy, but it is in easy increments and it is simple to know what you are getting. If you want to spend the time buy the 90% silver and research, sometimes it sells for above and sometimes below spot, some 90% also has numismatic value are value for just the coin in no relation to the silver value.

  2. muncie birder says:

    One of the problems with 90% silver is that it takes up a lot of space and also weighs a good deal. The silver ETF eliminates that particular problem and also the problem of someone breaking into your home and stealing it. It seems to happen quite frequently. A friend of mine lost his entire safe, contents and all. You can keep it in a lock box at the bank at an additional cost. Another friend lost his entire coin collection which he had been collecting for 30 years. There is a ready market for 90% silver on Ebay, but the price does vary quite a bit from about 10% below spot to about 15% above spot. Sort of due to the auction process.

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