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Mexican Silver Coins

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There is nothing quite like finding the perfect coin to complete a set, whether you are just starting out with a hobby of coin collecting or you have been doing it for ages. Many people collect past and current coins from all over the world. If you are after a particularly handsome addition to your own personal set you will not do better than becoming the proud owner of a Mexican silver dollar coin, which if in perfect condition will always be a sight to behold. There are several of them about, so have a good look around and see what you can find.

One Mexican silver coin which fits the bill well and is quite easy to locate if you are looking in the right places is the Mexican Silver Libertad. It is a one ounce silver bullion coin first placed in circulation during the late nineteen forties. It was discontinued in some years after but during the late seventies production of the coin started up again. This coin comes in several forms each with different patterns so there is plenty to go at if you decide to start a collection of these. The design on the coin is themed around the famous eight ton gold statue, the Angel of Independence, which towers over Mexico City. It captures the struggle of Mexico’s history, thus making it an important coin for anyone to have as part of their coin collection.

There is no other coin to touch or even come close to the elegance and good looks of the Silver Libertad and since 2002 the Bank of Mexico (Banco de Mexico) has created a limited edition of only one thousand one hundred coins which have been kept out of circulation. As this Mexican silver coin was unavailable in the United States of America, it is sure to have become serious collector’s items. There were also 2003 Libertads produced in a limited run of 3000 coins, weighing in at a grand total of one kilo.

For anyone coin collector who has an interest in the history and culture of Mexico, the Silver Libertad plays a valuable role in their collection of coins. When you get one you will know you have a Mexican silver coin to be proud.

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