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Let the Numis Network Autoship You Gold and Silver

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The name NUMIS comes from numismatics which is the hobby of collecting, researching and studying coins, currency and medals.  The Numis Network is a multi level management business or a network marketing business. It was founded in 2009 in the month of August. The founders of this company were namely three. They were Ian Cordell, Christopher Kent and Jake Kevorkian.

There are numerous valuable coins in the world. And I am not talking about the number written in the back of the coin. The most valuable coins are the silver and gold coins that were used by ancestors. These coins have both historical as well as antique value. The Numis network works by marketing these types of coins.  These highly graded coins can be from various countries such like Australia, the United States of America and China.

These coins are retailed from countries all over the world.  Representatives and as well as the customers of the company subscribes to an auto ship of silver, gold coins monthly. The Numis network company claims that each of the coins that are marketed by the company are priced competitively.

All of them even have an MS70 certificate from ANACS, The American Numismatics Association Service. The MS70 certificate is the highest grade offered by the American Numismatics Association Service.

Let me give you an example of the price of the collector coins. One of the most sought after collector coins is the 2009 American silver coin. Its value ranges from a bullion coin value of $20 to $125. The $125 one is the one that has the highest MS70 grade given by the American Numismatics Association Service. This 2009 American silver coin is now priced at $500.

The valuation of these numismatic coins is done on the condition of the coins. The availability of these coins or for that matter their scarcity is taken into consideration to determine their actual value. The base values of these coins as silver or gold bullion. The flipside of it is that various experts offer very different valuations and the introductions of money coins in the market, the valuation of these coins tend to get depressed.

Numis Network system offers a compensation system that is hybrid in nature. It pays its network marketers in the following methods:

•Firstly the retailers and the marketers are paid cycle bonuses according to their binary down line.

•Secondly the enroller organizations are paid for their matching bonuses.

•And lastly powerful coded organizations are also paid coded collector bonuses.

•Retailers also are paid collector bonuses for fast track that enable you to generate your income with immediate effect.

•All this money that the retailers earn is supplementary that is it in addition to the commission that each and every retailer of the company earn on their sales that are made to their respective customers
One of the top marketers of the Numis Network is Ray Higdon the marketing guru.

Steve B Network Marketing Coach and Mentor. Collector of numismatic  Gold and Silver coins. Visit to learn how to get assets autoshipped to your door.

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