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A Golden Home Business Opportunity: Internet Marketing Of Collectible Numismatic Coins

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Gold and silver are the hot new investment opportunities being heavily

promoted on radio and TV in the form of circulated silver and gold

bullion coins. Bullion value, however, rises and falls with the

commodity metals market, which can change rapidly.


Numismatic graded and certified gold and silver coins are in a very

different class with an entirely different market. Their special appeal

and value rank them in a class with collectible fine art, postage

stamps, rare books and antique firearms. They are worth far more

than their gold and silver content, depending on their rarity, age,

condition and demand.

It’s a collectors’ market, not a speculators’ market.


Most important, numismatic coins can be readily traded in a well

established $100 billion market. That market is now poised to explode

with the entrance of Internet marketing.

The web site for the not-for-profit American Numismatic Association

(see below) is a ‘gold mine’ of information on the vast scope of

numismatic gold and silver coin collecting.

The idea of coin collecting may conjure up a vision of coin shows and

money stores with sharp-eyed traders and money-changers. But that

has changed with the advent of Internet marketing where all the

information is right out there for people who know how to access it

and use it. However, this presupposes a degree of computer expertise

many of us don’t have. If you are like me, you don’t relish the idea of

having to become a computer expert before you can participate. But

that has changed, too.


Until recently, Internet marketers had to put together their own

marketing systems,develop their own web pages, write their own

copy and figure out how to feed their potential customer leads into the

marketing systems of the companies they represent. Having been

through that myself, I know how frustrating it can be.

One new organization, the Numis Network, has jump-started the

process of getting on line for neophyte Internet marketers. The

founders of Numis are the computer software experts who developed

the systems used by many of the leading Internet network marketers.

They have combined their best knowledge to develop an exclusive

marketing system specifically for numismatic coins that does not

require much computer proficiency. Numis also provides the training,

coaching and support to get going in this fast-developing field.

They are also the only network marketing company in the numismatic

coin business. What? That’s right. A network marketing company with

no competition.


Numis has carved out a highly lucrative niche that enables it to stand

out from other numismatic coin marketers. Numismatic coins are

graded on a scale of 1 to 70 by certified experts, much like diamonds

are graded. But unlike diamonds, graded numismatic coins are labeled

and sealed in clear display containers so that even an untrained eye

can see the level of quality. Numis deals only in uncirculated grade

MS70 coins. These are the highest grade coins available anywhere in

the most perfect mint condition possible. There is never any question

of their authenticity.

The Numis Network makes it possible for people with limited

experience–and limited resources–to create wealth, collect wealth,

and preserve wealth with a business of their own as collector-dealers

in the high grade silver and gold numismatic industry, and to help

others do the same. It’s like a franchise business, but the cost to buy

in is minimal compared to other network businesses–less than the

cost of a medium-priced watch. And you can do it from home.

This is the one business I know where the customer is always satisfied

with the product.


In the numismatic coin business you always have value to show for

your efforts. The product itself is money in a form that can never be

consumed or deteriorate, which benefits both buyers and sellers.

There is just a limited number of each coin minted each year. Only a

fraction of these qualify as grade MS70, so the market can never be

flooded or inflated. Instead the value of top-graded numismatic coins

historically rises with time as their availability becomes rarer.

Here?s how the numismatic coin market works: A 2009 American

silver eagle bullion coin is currently worth about $20. An MS69 2009

silver eagle is worth $30, while an MS70 2009 coin goes for $125 and

an MS70 1997 coin is valued four times as much at $500. Yet the

silver content of all four coins is the same.

I know of no other business with a product like this that everybody can

respect and enjoy, where both its beauty and its value “are forever.”

To learn more about this “golden” business opportunity, go to> She is co-author of the

award-winning nationally published book, “Shortcut to a Miracle, How

to Change Your Consciousness and Transform Your Life.” She can be

contacted at 312-635-0990 or .

Elizabeth Rann Arrott is President of Solid Money Marketing(TM), representing Numis Network, and a member of the American Numismatic Association. She is also co-author of the nationally published,award-winning book Shortcut to a Miracle, How to Change Your Consciousness and Transform Your Life. Web site: Email:; telephone: 312-635-0990.

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