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Is it true that there is a limited amount of pure silver available?

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Yes I know that there are mines underground but silver is mixed with other alloys which takes more to seperate.
The overall process is also time consuming enough that it would take a number of years to accumulate enough to change the investment picture.
With the overall need of silver for electronics,as well as many other uses it far outweights gold for the same.

I was considering silver stocks regarding this- comments /ideas ?


7 Responses to “Is it true that there is a limited amount of pure silver available?”
  1. Dan H says:

    There is a finite amount of everything, including silver.

  2. DR W says:

    A limited amount just like everything else.

  3. jth says:

    on earth there is a limited amount but there could be a unlimited amount in space you never now

  4. bob shark says:

    Yes, there is a limited amount of silver available
    And Gold, And Iron, And Molybdenum, And Oxygen, And Nitrogen, And Houses, And Ardvaarks.

    The Hunt brothers tried to accumulate all the silver at one time, and they lost their shirt and got charged in court.

  5. anonymous says:

    yeah, you’d better invest in silver companies

  6. Barney says:

    Duh! There is a limited amount of any natural resource.

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