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Chinese Silver Panda Coins – A True Symbol Of Chinese Culture

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The Chinese Silver Panda Coins are one of the most well liked silver coins to ever circulate the country as well as the foreign exchange markets around the planet. These kinds of coins are some of the most rare, which of course means that the value placed on these are of a vast amount that only the major and the determined collectors are prepared to invest on. If you have an interest in picking up these sorts of coins, particularly those from China, then this article’s going to offer you some of the basic information that you will need to spot a specific Chinese silver panda coin.

The first class of Chinese Silver Panda Coins were circulated between 1983 and 1985, which had miniscule mintages of only ten thousand and were thought to be one of the few Chinese coins that were extraordinarily rare and hard to locate. The valuable metal content is 27 grams of 9 hundred fine silver with a diameter of 38.6 mm. These were already really inspiring and valuable, but that did not limit collectors from taking a look at the later versions of these coins.

For example, the 1987 sterling panda is the sole Chinese silver panda coin ever to have been minted from sterling silver. It had an honest to goodness valuable metal content of 1 oz. Of 925 fine silver and was is the 1st silver panda coin that had a diameter of 40 mm.

Another reason why these coins were so valuable and in demand among coin collectors was the design on the coin itself, especially that of the panda. What’s more, the costs for these particular coins were very affordable, beginning from the 1989 one oz. Pure .999 silver panda coin till the present 2007 Chinese Silver Panda Coin.

And because of this, you may find a lot of collectors with complete sets of Chinese Silver Panda Coins either online or in tangible shops who are willing to sell them at reasonable prices.


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