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Has anyone been buying or considering physical gold & silver?

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just trying to get an opinion on owning& possesing physical gold and silver as an investment


5 Responses to “Has anyone been buying or considering physical gold & silver?”
  1. Greg S says:

    I buy silver bullion and coins, but right now I am holding off, because in my opinion it is overvalued. I don’t buy gold, but it is in the same situation. As with any investment buy low, sell high. Right now precious metals are high.

  2. Philip M says:

    Yes, I hold Gold as an investment through my brokers and have made quite a good profit.You need a good broker to buy and sell at the right price.

  3. Andy says:

    You betcha…silver is the way to go. The public hasn’t yet jumped on the “Silver Train” yet. However, the public has begun jumping on the “Gold Train.” Once people feel they can’t afford to buy gold they will be looking to buy silver. By then we’ll probably see silver at 7 times it’s current price.

  4. Strategist says:

    Holding the physical gold is an option I wanted to look at but in Singapore, it can be really a hassle. Have to find time to open an account and there is only one bank that does that.

    So for me I invested in a unit trust that invest in gold mining companies and also have exposure to other commodities, this will allow me to ride on the upside of the current commodities boom and not be limited to gold, thus reducing volatility.

  5. farfel says:

    i’ve been buying gold and silver for a while. here in NYC i buy in person from a dealer or privately.

    i always buy Krugerrands for gold, and both American Silver Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs for silver.

    of the 2 i prefer the Canadians, if only because they have a face value of 5 Canadian Dollars (vs 1 US Dollar for an ASE), but what practical use this will be if/when paper currencies collapse is anyone’s guess.

    i convert 5% of my income to gold every year, at whatever the price, and consider it to be my “golden anchor” or “wealth insurance”, never to be sold. but right now i try to convert 10% into silver, because the gold/silver ratio is relatively high now at 56. historically the ratio is around 20, making silver relatively undervalued. silver has different supply/demand dynamics than gold, as well as being consumed industrially, so i expect silver to have more upside potential than gold in the next few years. with that in mind, i am overweighting in silver until the gold/silver ratio drops below 40, after which time i will start trading my silver for gold.

    the idea is that if you watch the ratios and make the trades on either side, you accumulate ever increasing amounts of both gold and silver.

    and if gold and silver happen to tank, then my cash and other investments take their turns making money.

    (btw, if you can take physical possession, do by all means, and avoid the ETF.)

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