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How does one go about buying gold and silver?

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-Where do you buy gold and silver and other metals (for investment)?
-What is the process?


4 Responses to “How does one go about buying gold and silver?”
  1. Pholosofr says:

    most of the time you are buying a certificate of ownership when you are investing. Most people don’t have the metals physically shipped to them. There are too many places to list do a google and you will have tons of options. Don’t forget to do your research.

  2. says:

    A coin shop or store usually buys gold and silver coins. I would stick to investing in these to begin with.

  3. vincent s says:

    Read everything you can on kitco forums best source i found

    compare local coin dealer with bulliondirect

  4. mrcoins.australia says:

    If you have not done it before, Go to a reputable bullion dealer. Buy actual gold, the dealers will probably store it for you if you do not want to take actual possession. Buying derivatives, futures and even certificates (IOU’s in old fashioned terms) is risky if the company you are dealing with ceases trading.
    the process is simple. Pay Cash , buy Gold. I do not know any bullion dealers that give credit.
    For Silver, just replace the word instead of gold in the above answer.
    A good place to start would be

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