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Can/How Can I buy Copper and/or Tin Bullion?

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People invent in precious metals because they have intrinsic value that will remain, even after say a nuclear Holocaust.

While gold/silver have a lot of value, I was thinking that I could probably do better with copper and tin, they are easy to work with, and you can make bronze quite easily with them. I am aware that buying copper and tin is a poor investment decision, and won’t really help me in a survival situation, but what I want to know, is it possible to buy bars of copper and tin (say one or two), and where would I do it?

I say again, I want these bars purely for fun, not as any rational investment. Thank you.


2 Responses to “Can/How Can I buy Copper and/or Tin Bullion?”
  1. Trey45 says:

    After a nuclear holocaust the most valuable trading items will be cigarettes that aren’t contaminated, liquer, water, food etc thats not contaminated. Diamonds will always be a commodity.

  2. Stupendous says:

    Best thing would be to go to a pawn/antique shop, buy a bunch of stuff made with those metals, melt them down, and make a bar.

    Individual investors cannot just buy a bar of metal.. however since those metals are more common, go to Home Depot and look for them, ie. Copper Wire.

    If you want to invest in them to make money because you think their price will go up, buy an ETF or a large producer/distributor of those metals, stock.

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