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Canadian Silver Coins – Maple Leaf Coins

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Canadian silver coins, just like their gold counterparts are some of the purest silver coins you can get your hands on. The Canadian Maple Leaf sitting at a 99.99% silver purity, is a very popular coin.


However, Canadian silver coins aren’t just popular for their amazing silver content but also because they are very aesthetically pleasing coins which makes them a target for collectors with a keen eye.


Canada only fairly recently released and minted silver bullion coins (in around 1988) – The first one was of course the Canadian Maple Leaf. (straight off the back of how successful the Gold version was)


Since then, many other beautiful Canadian silver coins have been released for the avid collector to sink their teeth into. Below we look at some of the silver coins that the Canadian Royal Mint has released since that time.


Canadian Wolf Half Ounce coin – Due to the success of the one ounce Canadian Maple Leaf, the mint released a half ounce coin for those who were more interested in smaller amounts of bullion. The Wolf is another silver coin of the purest nature, containing 99.99% silver but it’s beauty is where it truly appeals to the collectors. On the reverse you’ll find a Timber Wolf standing on a snowy hill with a full moon behind him.


There have also been many variations of the Maple Leaf released to commemorate certain events such as the Vancouver Winter Olympics. These Canadain silver coins were released in 2008.


Also released in 2008 was a version of the silver Maple Leaf which is almost identical to the standard coin but contains a rat privy mark. All variations of the Maple Leaf show Queen Elizabeth looking to the right on the obverse of the coin.


Purchasing Canadian silver coins is a cheaper alternative to buying gold and is a good way to get started either as an investor or simply as a collector.


As always, if you do want to make a purchase of Canadian silver coins, be sure that you are purchasing coins which come in a sheet of plastic and contain an official certificate of authenticity.


Resources to purchase Canadian silver coins include the Canadian Mint (They have many recent weird and wonderful designs!), some jewellers and many online sources will carry these coins too.


If you’re looking for great information, convenience and prices on your Canadian silver coins I’d check out Bullion411.com. Which runs auction style listings in conjunction with ebay and im sure you’ll grab yourself a true Canadian coin bargain.

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