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Types of Stylish Silver Jewelry

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Silver Jewelry is the most common types of jewelery worn by Girls and women. Women prefer to wear  silver jewelry due to its beauty and brightness. Silver jewelry can be wear on both casual and formal dresses. The purest form of silver which is called fine silver is 999/1000 pure and it is too soft to make jewelery. Thats why some alloys has been mixed in pure silver to provide more durability.

The most popular used silver alloy is Sterling Silver Jewelry which consists 92.5% silver and 7.5%  of copper. Mixture made of silver and copper provide more strength which is enough for daily use. This form of jewelry is very popular among the housewives because it is very cheap in price.

Besides sterling silver there is another form of silver which is known as German Silver or Nickel Silver. It is a whitish silver alloy which consists copper, zinc, lead, tin and nickel. Its hardness, toughness and resistance to corrosion makes it first choice to make jewelry.

There are some other types of silver jewelery like silver plated jewelry, silver gemstone jewelry, oxidized silver jewelry which composed of silver and other metals. These types of jewelry include silver 800, 80% of silver and other metals.

It doesn’t matter which type of silver used in silver jewelry but it is important to take care of it because  scratches, tarnishes and other damages can effect the beauty of silver jewelry. Silver can be used to make stylish jewelry but it needs high maintenance and care as compared to gold or other precious metals. For more informationjust visit on Silver Jewelry Marketplace.

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