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Tiffany Vintage & Contemporary Silver Jewelry – How to Identify a Fake

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There is nothing more understated and elegant which screams chic than sterling silver jewelry from Tiffany & Co. The Styles & quality of this silver jewellry is universally recognized, but never equaled. Many unscrupulous jewelry makers have tried to copy their designs, but, have almost always fallen short.

At Tiffany & Co., you pay a huge premium for their unsurpassed reputation and Quality. However, you can find great deals on authentic Tiffany silver necklaces, bracelets, an other items on eBay. In rare instances, you may see an item being sold as new if for instance, the seller is stating it is a recent gift or purchase which was never worn. You can expect a small discount from retail. Most items you will see are used. However, these used items are a great place to catch a bargain.

Whether bidding on a newer item, such as a Return To Tiffany & Co. silver necklace or used, vintage Tiffany & Co. silver ring, make sure it is authentic. To help you be a more informed consumer, and get the most out of your jewelry purchase, I would like to offer you these tips on how to ensure you are buying an authentic piece of silver jewelry.

Lobster Clasps

On Tiffany & Co silver link bracelets, the clasp is referred to as a lobster claw clasp because of its shape. This clasp is beefy and thick and along with other Tiffany & Co. clasps, it has .925 stamped on its base. On fake items, the clasp is cheap looking and made from thin, stamped metal.

Bracelet and Necklace Links

The sterling silver links on an authentic item are solid and soldered smooth. On fake items, the links are pinched together and have uneven gaps. Link bracelets and necklaces come in only one size and can only be sized by a Tiffany jeweler. If a seller offers you different sizes, you are probably buying a fake.

Sterling Silver Quality

All of the Tiffany & Co. silver jewelry is .925 sterling. It is solid, and not silver plate. Fake silver is plated with rhodium, is very shiny and lacks the luster of sterling silver. Also, many of the fake items have been manufactured with steel and therefore, will be magnetic.

Quantity Of Items Available & Price

Be very wary of a seller selling multiple identical items. This is a definite sign item is fake since authentic items are hand made and few in number. Also, if a seller states they received items from a wholesaler, they are lying to you. Tiffany & Co. does not distribute their items through wholesalers. Tiffany & Co, never has sales.

If there is a Buy-It-Now price on the item, as a general rule, be wary of any item priced less than one third of the retail price. In regards to auctions, it is very common for authentic items to be sold at starting prices of $1.00.

Communicating with Seller

Do not be afraid to ask the seller questions about the item for sale. If seller does not respond, or seems evasive, find another seller. Also, avoid a seller who has chosen to hide their feedback since you can find out a lot by reading feedback from other buyers.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you take your time and do your homework, you will ensure your purchase decision is a wise choice. Now go out there and start shopping!!!

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