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silver investing, best method?

November 19, 2010 by  
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Is bullion silver a worthwhile investment? Are bulk “junk” silver coins better, I’ve read a few things that say yes as they could be used as legal tender? Lastly, I found a site Monex (dot) com, that sells silver bullion, rounds and “junk”, are they a good company?

I would rather have metal in hand than stock certificates.

Thank You
** Is there a better (cheaper) way of obtaining silver than through Monex?


2 Responses to “silver investing, best method?”
  1. jkrd156 says:

    The silver coins would be the better investment if you actually have them in hand. They can be used as legal tender especially when the world economy crashes and anarchy is the rule of the land. But remember, the banks will collapse so putting them in a safe deposit box will make them inaccessible. Invest in a Glock or a slightly used AK 47 so you can safely keep them in your closet next to the MRE’s

  2. meshiach23 says:

    Check out silver futures contracts traded on the Comex or options on those same futures—much less risky.

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