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precious metals down. why?

January 23, 2011 by  
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why are silver,gold losing value in a time of recession.

there may be less demand in terms of production uses, but are more commonly used as investment purposes. one would expect the value to increase in a time of global recession. Even if the $ value increases, surely the need for a solid investment supercedes the above factors by miles?


3 Responses to “precious metals down. why?”
  1. vickiemay says:

    I wasn’t aware they were, last I heard Gold , Silver & Platinum , were at an all time high!. this was at 10 pm central time. When did you hear this? & Where? I have much invested these commodities , & need to know if I should sell now ! I Will check myself, but I was curious where you heard this.?

  2. jeff410 says:

    Its a commodity, and all commodities are traded in dollars. When the dollar goes up commodities go down.

  3. Sailon says:

    Roger- 1 word- MANIPULATION…but heres some good news-read this report carefully and stay with it -VERY REVEALING STUFF :


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