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Investing In Silver – What Are The Advantages Of Investing In Silver Today?

October 19, 2010 by  
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A few of my friends have invested in both silver and gold and seem to be doing quite well despite the stock market downturn. Is this the way to structure your investments for the future?


2 Responses to “Investing In Silver – What Are The Advantages Of Investing In Silver Today?”
  1. Green Glass says:

    Yes — that’s one of the ways to create wealth or at least preserve it in volatile times. Investing in silver and other precious metals (notably gold) is a way to beat inflation and ‘hedge’ your finances against political & economic uncertainty. Between 1971-1981, when the US Dollar lost more than half of its value, silver prices rose nearly 5 times.

    Silver is the least expensive of all precious metals, so investing in it is a way to diversify your portfolio. See it as a way to preserve your wealth and a smart option for financial security. You can invest in silver as bullion bars, coins, mutual funds and certificates, among others. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

  2. Stephen M says:

    It’s also fun to collect current silver dollars from different countries. I began buying silver when it was $4 an OZ. It is easily sold if you need to and is real money.

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