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Invest in Youself and Retire Early!!

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Growing up we had a 10 gallon fish tank. My father was a wholesale Jewler (Bless his soul) and every week he would bring home a hand full of stones and put them in the bottom of the fish tank. No we did not have gravel we just had different stones like opals, emeralds, rubies, a few diamonds and so on.

We had every possible stone sitting in the bottom of the fish tank and did not think twice about it. You ask why??

Well you see, stones are worthless, the most expensive thing in any jewelry is the precious metal (silver, gold, platinum). No we where not rich, my mother was a stay at home mom and she was taking care of 12 children. The stones in the fish tank where of no value with out the precious metals.

So you have to understand something else, you take a paper dollar bill and hold on to it for a few years. Then you take a silver dollar and hold on to that for a few years. After say 7 years how much is the paper dollar worth? One dollar , Now you take the silver dollar out at the same time and what is that worth? Well its worth more then a dollar because of the precious metal it was made from.

So here is the idea, invest in yourself and future with some precious metals in your portfolio and you will be able to retire earlier then you thought.

I have an example for you, I myself have a 1898 penny and this penny has been in circulation. Right now today the penny is worth 14.50 you can not beat that. Now if I took a silver dollar that has never been in circulation the return on that dollar would be more because the only hands that have touched it where mine. Just some food for thought the next time you want to invest in something. Remember the fish tank story and the jewels.

“Remember if you look in the right direction everything is good in the world.”

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