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How to complete a Morgan Silver Dollar set?

December 27, 2010 by  
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I have started collecting Morgan Silver Dollars and so far have purchased years 1878-1884 all graded MS65 by PCGS. I am wanting to complete the set graded MS65 by PCGS all the way through 1921 but will do so with various mintage marks/locations (Carson City, New Orleans, San Fransisco, Etc) as some are much less expensive than others. Is this a good investment idea? Will the set be frowned upon because it is from various locations and different mint marks? Any suggestions? Thanks!


2 Responses to “How to complete a Morgan Silver Dollar set?”
  1. Rob-dob says:

    HIgh grade Morgan dollars are a great way to invest money. Since the inception of the grading system, those coins in grades you have expressed the desire to collect in have seen massive increases in their value. The reason being, there are generally very few in that grade (doesn’t seem like it but in proportion to their mintages) and people always want to have the nicer coins.

    Carson City will be very difficult, and incredibly expensive but you will see most of your appreciation with those coins most likely. The reason being their mintages are extremely low, and for a very shot period resulting in few high grade specimens.

    San Francisco would be your next best mint to go for, as San Francisco coins usually garner a higher premium.

  2. muncie birder says:

    No, the set will not be frowned upon. I can’t wait until you purchase the 1895 dollar in MS65. You are talking a pretty healthy chuck of money. There was a time when the Silver dollar market collapsed back in the 1980s. Keep that in mind.

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